Can you help me?

"Can you help me?", you ask me

No, my love, I cannot

I am still learning to heal myself

I do not know how to live

How then can I heal yours?

How can I know better how you should live

Than that "something" within you, longing so fervently?

Yes, I can listen with you

Not to the endless story of your thoughts

Not to the noise of this and then that, but

To hear what wants to be heard,

That silent little voice that dares hardly to speak

That, out of fear of being judged

By me, or by you,

Remains hidden. Silent. Almost dormant.

Perhaps hoping. Yes, maybe

To be loved one day.

"Can you help me?", you ask me

No, my love, I cannot

But I can listen with you

To the story of your pain

Of your sorrow

And of your heart's longing that lies hidden beneath

And when you feel the desire to open your doors

I can extend my hand to make it easier

When you feel in need of love or support,

I am glad to lend you mine.

If your body is empty, tired.

Perhaps I know an herb, a remedy to make it bearable

But helping you heal your life?

Helping you overcome your crisis?

No, I cannot.

Telling you how would be arrogant

I know less about your life than you yourself

No matter how much I have learned

I can hear you. See you. Understand you. Love you.

I can hold your hand and journey with you

If you allow me into the vulnerable depths of your soul

If you are willing to go where fear tries to stop you

Where you never know for sure how it will be

Where you expect the monsters and dragons

that you could not handle in your past.

There, I can travel with you.

You do not have to go there alone.

I can hold love for you,

so that fear does not imprison you

I can keep the focus clear with you

The deep desire that brought you here

So that you will find what you sought


Your Strength

Your Love

Your Freedom

Your Beauty

"Can you help me?", you ask me

No, my love, I cannot

I have acquired things and learned things

Perhaps they inspire you

But I do not live your life, my love.

I promise you this: I will not judge

Not pretend to be better than you

I will be there with you

To discover together

The wonder that lies hidden

In your own life

The pearl that wants to be discovered

The vulnerable, pure child

That wants to be found and loved.

But I cannot help you

You can do that yourself.

Even if you may think otherwise.

Perhaps my listening will help you

To listen beneath the superficial, wild waves

Of your emotions, your fear, and your mind

And to dive deep into the still waters of your own soul

Where all knowing lies

All healing.

Everything is already there.

The original poem, as i found it, is from Conny Coppen (made June 2008). The original Dutch poem Kan ik je helpen can be found through the link.

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