Terms and conditions ‘Today is the moment’

When you make an appointment with 'Today is the moment', you agree to the terms and conditions below. 

Register workshops, trainings and courses 

Participation takes place in the order in which the registration is received with full contact details. You will then receive an e-mail with the confirmation and a digital invoice. Or on the website, via the application form. Participation is final when the invoice amount incl. VAT has been transferred. You will receive confirmation of this payment. 

Register coaching and sessions 

Participation takes place by registration by telephone, via the website or by e-mail with full registration contact details. You will then receive an email confirming the appointment. 

Payment method 

Payment of sessions and treatments is made in cash or by debit card before the start of the hypnotherapy session, spiritual healing session or other treatment. Course fees are paid in advance. You will receive an invoice for your own administration.

Canceling and rescheduling sessions and treatment appointments 

Reserved time for a session that has not been canceled at least 24 hours in advance, will be charged fully. 

Canceling and rescheduling workshops, training and courses 

Agreements made to follow a course are final after payment of the full course fee. The course place is then insured. The course can be rescheduled or canceled free of charge up to 3 weeks before the start, after which the full course fee will be refunded within 1 week. In case of cancellation within 3 weeks before the start, no refund of course fees will be granted 

Nature of the services provided 

The sessions and/or other activities cannot be regarded as (replacement of) medical and/or psychological consultations and treatments. If you are under medical and/or psychological treatment, it is advised to discuss with the attending physician whether participation in sessions and/or other activities is desirable. 

Effort Agreement 

You are aware that consultation of 'Today is the moment' takes place on the basis of a best efforts agreement. This means that results are not guaranteed in advance. The implementation and interpretation of advice/information or results obtained during sessions, treatment or course are always your responsibility. 

Duty of confidentiality 

‘Today is the moment’ has a duty of confidentiality. Everything you say will not be discussed with third parties outside the practice.

Termination of guidance 

The sessions can be terminated at any time, and after completing an evaluation form, occur. 'Today is the moment' reserves the right to refuse new clients/students, with or without giving reasons.