What is the history of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been used for thousands of years in various forms, although it was not recognized as a formal therapeutic technique until the late 19th century. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used hypnosis in healing temples, and many ancient cultures used hypnosis in religious rituals and spiritual practices.

The modern history of hypnotherapy began in the 18th century with the work of Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician who believed that a universal energy called "animal magnetism" could be harnessed to heal various physical and mental conditions. Mesmer's techniques involved inducing a trance-like state through suggestion and touch.

In the 19th century, James Braid, a Scottish physician, developed a technique of inducing hypnosis through eye fixation, which he called "hypnotism." Braid's work laid the foundation for modern hypnotherapy, and his techniques are still used today.

Throughout the 20th century, hypnotherapy gained acceptance as a legitimate therapeutic technique, and its use in treating a wide range of physical and mental conditions became more widespread. Today, hypnotherapy is used in various fields, including medicine, dentistry, and psychology.